Adepticon 2017 Championships

After a little more than a month after going the Las Vegas Open I went to Chicago to attend my first Adepticon. I was under the guise of visiting friends and family for a week while fitting in the Age Of Sigmar Championships Saturday and Sunday.

My list was very comparable to what I brought to the LVO. The biggest exceptions being there was no sideboard, and my Chaos Spawn is now exclusively keyworded Tzeentch. Three days before adepticon I banged out 10 Chaos Marauders to replace the Spawn along with making a display board.

My list was as follows:

Allegiance: Chaos
The Glottkin (480)
– General
Bloab Rotspawned (260)
Lord of Plagues (100)
– Artefact : Chaos Runeblade
Rotbringers Sorcerer (100)
– Artefact : Beguiling Gem
5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
10 x Chaos Warriors (180)
– Hand Weapon & Shield
– Mark of Chaos : Nurgle
10 x Chaos Marauders (60)
– Axes & Shields
– Mark of Chaos : Nurgle
Blight Guard (100)
Total: 2000/2000

As I mentioned before I also created a display board. I know my painting skills aren’t that strong and army paint/appearance was 20% of the overall Adepticon score. Making the display board, to me, was a new challenge to get more points. I also felt creating a sideboard was a must due to the amount of time other participants would be putting into it themselves. Creating the display board was super fun and relatively easy from a technical standpoint. I think from now on I will create one for every army I do.

The TO, Alex Gonzalez, did a great job of taking missions from The Generals Handbook and building on them. Points were scored from 0-30. You got 20 for a major win, 15 for a minor win, 10 for a draw, 5 for a minor loss, and 0 for a major loss. You then had seven secondary objectives to choose from and use once for 0 or 6 points; and tertiary objectives scored either as 0, 2, or 4 points.


Over the course of two days I played 5 fantastic games. My battle score results were: 30/0/20/11/25. Rather than break down the 5 games I have some takeaways about my list, mistakes I made, things I saw my opponents do, and general ramblings:

  • My games 2 and 4 were against two Nashville area players Davin Griffin (finished 6th) and Cale Thompson (finished 13th).  Both games were based off of Blood and Glory. I tried slightly different tactics each game. Game one I pushed my whole army forward as I had a bad experience of getting blown off my own objectives at LVO… David had two super mobile monsters that capped my objectives and ended the game early. Against Cale I turtled on one objective and moved a flank forward to get his objective. I was able to get one of his but still lost my two for a minor loss. Whenever I break my focus into 2 it usually goes bad for my army list as I start losing synergies.
  • David and Cale are super technical. I was very impressed with their pre-measuring and understanding of threat ranges. They should do a video tutorial on it for sure.
  • ALL of my opponents had better looking armies than me! I wasn’t embarrassed by what I brought but these guys blew me away… along with most of the participants of the tournament.
  • I need more time to meditate on it, but my initial reaction to the one day tournament guys getting mixed in with the two day guys doesn’t quite seem right. I single bad matchup for a two day player against a one day player on Saturday could spoil the weekend.
  • I definitely need to bring a SoCal buddy with next year for the team tournament!
  • I didn’t sign up for much at Adepticon but do feel I missed an opportunity to spend time with the community by not staying at the hotel.
  • It was great putting Twitter handles to real names and faces. I met some guys I have had conversations with on Twitter and the TGA.

Adepticon was a blast. Every tournament I attend I learn something new about tournament play and gain appreciation for different scoring systems. I am already working on list ideas for next year.

Adepticon Age of Sigmar Championship results:

Greg Rex

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  1. Nick Dicehammer

    Glad to hear you had a good time. I went to Adepticon last year and had a blast – looking forward to going again.


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