Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts

For the third installment of the Realmgate Wars gaming supplements Godbeasts appear to be the first to have an original storyline. The previous two books drew from Black Library books offering abridged versions of the narrative.

As the title suggests this book is about a couple different types of gods in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe. There are five primary gods; Sigmar, Alarielle, Grimnir, Gorkamorka, Nagash along with the four Chaos gods. There are also what are called Godbeasts. One is Ignax, a fire drake chained to the Crescent Isle, acting as the realms sun. Also, Behemat a World Titan Gargant god resting below the Scabrous Sprawl of the Jade Kingdoms.

Up to this point Archaon, the Everchosen, has been accumulating power through tricking or binding his will to Kiathanus, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, and Argentine, the Sylver Wyrm from the first book. Archaon sets a plan in motion to manipulate and ally himself with Ignax and Behemat. There is a lot of carnage from beginning to end with Stormcast Eternals seemingly always coming back from the brink of loss with a timely victory.

The highlight of the story was Ionus Cryptborn’s creative way of killing Skarbrand. Ionus sets a trap that put Skarbrand near a crystal that amplifies emotion. Skarbrand is so enraged by the trap that his hatred is magnified into a physical force that make followers of Khorne’s heads explode. This is said to warm Khorne’s heart. Skarbrands howl of rage also makes the crystal explode pulverizing him with its shards.

Godbeasts come with 12 Battletomes, which is the most of the three reviewed. Interestingly enough I noticed some had rules for three or more players. It also introduces the new Extremis Chamber faction to AoS.

The verdict: Once again it is hard to justify $65 for a hardcover book. This time it does appear to be an original story. The 12 Battletomes, for me, is great as I am now playing them with my gaming group in San Diego. Finally, it contains free rules, top notch art, and looks good on a collection on the shelf.

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