Warhammer Quest: Arcane Heroes

On Saturday we saw Games Workshop put up another expansion for Warhammer Quest titled  Arcane Heroes. It gives players 5 more playable characters for both The Silver Tower and Age of Sigmar. Along with the Mighty Heroes expansion this brings the total number of playable models to 15.

Arcane Heroes includes:

  • Grey Seer
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Knight-Heralder
  • Sorceress
  • Skink Priest

Before I get to value I would like to point out the Sorceress model is an old Night Elf Sorceress model. GW did not use the name Aelf to describe the it. My tin foil hat tells me this means something.

So, for $55 you get 5 great models. If purchased individually you would end up spending $96.75.

Whether purchased for your Silver Tower collection or you plan on beefing up your AoS collection you can’t go wrong here. Fingers crossed for a new dungeon expansion!

Check it out here:


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