Age of Sigmar Battlehost Tournament

Yesterday I attended my first Age of Sigmar tournament. It was hosted at Game Empire Pasadena and was the first time I made the 2 hour drive up to that store. (On a side note I started listening to the Rolling Bad podcast both ways and those guys are awesome.)

The format of the tournament was 2,000 points from the General’s Handbook, 3 rounds (2.5 hours per game), and scenarios rolled for out of the General’s Handbook prior to each round. With me I had:

  • Bloab Rotspawned
  • Lord of Plagues
  • Rotbringer Sorcerer
  • Great Unclean One (General)
  • Epedemius
  • 20 Plaguebearers
  • 10 Plaguebearers
  • 20 Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle)
  • 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • I also had the Great Destroyer ability and Favour of Gods on my Great Unclean One.

For the first round the Battleplan Three Places of Power was rolled. I was paired up against Jay and his Ironjawz. He only had 3 heros to my 5 so I felt pretty confident going in that I would be able to to score more objective points as long as I played to the scenario. Jay was done deploying before me so he decided to go second. My first turn was pretty uneventful. I basically pushed my whole army forward focusing on capturing the middle and right flank objectives. Then Jay and his Ironjawz went… holy cow! The Destruction Allegiance Ability allows a free D6 move in the hero phase. Also, Ironjawz have a Warscroll Battalion called Ironfist that allow another D6 move in the Hero Phase. Jay had 3 units of Gore-gruntas move 2D6 inches in the Hero Phase, move 9 inches in the movement phase, then all three charged into my left flank in the charge phase. To top this off his Warboss on Maw-krusha was able to get into my deployment zone then charge Bloab Rotspawned from behind. After the first round of combat I had lost both units of Plaguebearers, Epidemius, and Bloab Rotspawned. I piled in on the Maw-krusha with a unit of Blight Kings. I didn’t kill a single model…ever. The next round Jay stole the initiative and was still pretty effective, killing my Warriors of Chaos and capped the center objective with a Warboss on foot. In my turn I charged another unit of Blightkings on the Maw-krusha and started doing pretty significant damage on him. My Plague Lord made a move for the center objective but didn’t get with 3 inches to contest and failed a charge. My Great Unclean One with the 3rd unit of Blight Kings capped the right objective and ended the round. The third and final round didn’t see much. I was slowly getting tabled but time expired. We both controlled 1 objective for the same amount of turns so Jay won a minor victory for units destroyed. I was down to 7 Blightkings and Great Unclean One.


The second games was the Take and Hold Battleplan. This game was awesome! I was match against Mike and his Skaven led by Thanquol and Boneripper. We both deployed with deathstars on our center and a few flanking units on my left flank. About 18 inches of my right flank was unused space. In the first turn we both pushed into the center of the board. I left Epidemius and 10 Plaguebearers in cover on my objective. Mike left 10 Plague Censer Bearers and a Warp Lightning Cannon on his objective. Up the gut 20 Plague Monks, Plague Furnace, Thanquol, and Hell Pit Abomination went off against 20 Warriors of Chaos, 2 units of Blightkings, Great Unclean One, Bloab Rotspawned, and Lord of Plagues. 20 Plaguebearers and 3 units of 10 Clanrats danced around the left flank. Mike also burrowed in 3 Stormfiends on my right flank to attack my objective. The first round of combat was great for Mike, he deleted all 20 Warriors of Chaos with Thanqol and Hell Pit Abomination. His Stormfiends were pretty ineffective in shooting and combat. He got a couple of wounds on Epidemius but didn’t crack my model count on the objective. In my turn I was able to charge a unit of Blightkings on Thanquol, who had received some damage from my magic, another unit of Blightkings along with the Great Unclean one charged the Plaguemonks and Plague Furnace. A unit Blighkings counter charged the Stormfiends to support holding the objective and keep Epidemius alive to keep his buffs going. The 20 Plaguebearers were able to get in combat with 2 units of Clanrats. Finally Bloab Rotspawned would have charged but combat was so clogged in the middle I couldn’t get him in so he was supporting with magic and shooting. Combat went crazy for me. I was rolling 5 and 6’s on all my Allegiance abilities to grant +1 to hit in combat. This stacks very well with my Blightkings as this gives them a 2+ to hit and are inflicting D6 hits on to hit rolls of 5+. I popped Thanquol with 5 Blightkings due to this. The I proceeded to murder a lot of rats and Epidemius couldn’t tally fast enough. I quickly got 21+ kills and had reroll to wound and hit rolls of 1, and +1 armor save for my whole army. I then stole initiative on turn 3 and proceeded to begin boarding Mike and make my way to his objective. Then it happened. His Hell Pit Abomination killed the unit of Blightkings it had gotten engaged with in the middle of the battlefield and Mike was able to move and charge into my objective holders in his 3rd and final turn. He popped the remaining 7 Plaguebearers, I then killed the Hell Pit Abomination, then it respawned with 5 wounds and I couldn’t kill it. The game ended due to time and my objective was contested and his was secure. One more turn and Mike would have most likely been tabled but that is the way tournaments go. We both played to the objectives but Mike out generalled me with a little bit of luck and earned a well deserved win. Great game Mike!


My final battle was against Jeremy and his Duardin. The Battleplan Blood and Glory was rolled. We both had really slow armies. I tried to make up for this in my first Hero Phase by summoning 10 Plaguebearers 14 inches downfield to screen my Blightkings advance on the left flank. Jeremy was able to hit with a ton of shots with his Organ Gun and Cannon on Bloab Rotspawned and got him down to 1 wound. Bloab then moved behind cover and only provided spell support the rest of the battle. We met in close combat in the center  and my left flank roughly in no man’s land. We went back and forth and ended up killing the same amount of units by the end of the game. Slayers are pretty nasty inflicting mortal wounds on a 4+ when they die. Also, his Hammerers were very nasty. Great armor and damage output. I was surprised to learn all his rank and file only had one wound apiece. Also, a shout out to Jeremy for bringing those Dwarves. They were mostly comprised of the old GW’s line of metal dwarves from the 90’s. In the end we called the game a draw.


I didn’t win any games but was voted by the players and won the Sportsman Award. I had a blast! Big thanks to the guys for the vote. Destruction armies did very well through the tournament. There were two Beastclaw armies running 4 Huskard on Thundertusks. They were dropping 24 mortal wounds a turn with their Frost Wreathed Ice shooting attack and working in pairs to heal each other. It didn’t leave many points for troops and I would say had armies of less than 20 models. It seems broken but I feel like maybe if different scenarios were rolled and/or opponents played more to the objectives they can be countered.

Big thanks to Game Empire Pasadena and of course to the community for making this happen!

Link to pictures from Game Empire Pasadena’s Facebook:

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