Quest For Ghal Maraz

The Quest for Ghal Maraz is the first of four Realmgate War supplements released by Games Workshop giving a narrative background to the new Age of Sigmar. This hardcover contains an abridged narrative of Black Library’s Ghal Maraz, five Battleplans to re-create the story on the tabletop, and Warscrolls for various armies.

Ghal Maraz is the signature warhammer used by Sigmar going back to the Old World of Warhammer fantasy. Sometime during the Age of Chaos Sigmar lost his hammer to a Tzeentchian illusion and retreated to the realm of Azyr cutting himself off from the rest of the realms. The storyline in the Realmgate Wars has followed various warrior chambers, primarily The Hammerhands, go back out into the nine realms and start securing Realmgates. Within the Quest of Ghal Maraz, Sigmar sends out his warrior chambers for two purposes; to find his fabled hammer, and to seek out Alarielle and renew their ancient alliance.


Chamon – Realm of Metal, background for the hunt for Ghal Maraz.

Ghyron – Realm of Life, background for the search of Alarielle and war between Nurgle and the Sylvaneth.

Notable Characters

Vandus Hammerhand – Lord-Celestant of The Hammerhands.

Ionus Cryptborn – Lord-Relictor of The Hammerhands.

Thostos Bladestorm – Lord-Celestant of The Celestial Vindicators.

Gardus – Lord-Celestant of The Hallowed Knights, starts in the realm of Nurgle being chased by Bolathrax.

Lorrus Grymn – Lord-Castellent of The Hallowed Knights, leading in the absence of Gardus.

The Lady of the Vines -Branchwraith, literally the right hand of Alarielle.

Khorgos Khul – Khorne lord seeking Demonhood and Vandus Hammerhand’s skull.

Ephyx – Tzeentchian sorcerer, possesses Ghal Maraz in the Eldritch Fortress.

Bolathrax – Great Unclean One spreading Grandfather Nurgle’s will and chasing Lord-Celestant Gardus.

Torglug – Lord of Plagues, hated enemy of the Sylvaneth.

Vermalanx – Verminlord Corruptor hell bent on finding The Secret Vale.

The story is pretty good. It comes with a lot of what you would expect from a Black Library book, lots of descriptive battle scenes. There are, however, very good plot twists. The good guys don’t always win and when they do it comes at a major cost. It is also where the Realmgate Wars storyline really starts getting good. (I have read The Gates of Azyr and War Storm. They are foundations for the fiction of AoS but not necessary reading.)

Having the General’s Handbook out a couple months as of this writing has given my gaming club in San Diego a renewed interest in going back and playing theses narrative Battleplans. We now read the scenarios and set points for attackers and defenders. This combination has given me some of the best games of AoS to date.

Finally, at $74, you get quite a bit but it is in the eye of the beholder if you are getting your money’s worth. The Warscrolls are all free on the AoS App. The unabridged story can be purchased for $15.99 as an e-book. That means the you are paying $58 on 5 Battleplans, 8 Warscroll Battalions, and some very nice artwork. As an Age of Sigmar enthusiast I am very happy with it. To me it is part of my hobby and the quality is amazing.

You can purchase your own copy at your local gaming store or from Games-Workshop here:

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