White Dwarf is Back!

For the last couple of years Game Workshop’s feature magazine White Dwarf has been coming out as a weekly release. The benefit, from what I gather, is that GW content was pushed out on a more regular basis and had the potential to make a little more money. For me I just cherry picked the issues of White Dwarf that interested me.

As time went on I purchased the magazine less and less. There wasn’t enough content in them to keep my interest. A cover to cover read took less than 20 minutes. To top things off, most of what was in the magazines were leaked online and almost nothing was new.

This has all changed. As of September 2016 White Dwarf has gone back to it’s monthly format and I am blown away. To start, the production quality is top notch. The content  feels like it was created by fanboys for fanboys. From what I understand near the end of the previous monthly publications White Dwarf was just a shameless advertising medium. Now there are new rules for old games, a really well done Age of Sigmar battle report between Stormcast and Khorne Bloodbound, and bunch of old stuff you would expect. On top of it all it came with a $30 Slaughterpriest!

Inside the magazine you will find the following:

  • News
  • A Tale of Four Warlords – Four Age of Sigmar players starting with a Start Collecting box set.
  • The Ultimate Guide – featuring Imperial Knights
  • Army of the Month – showcasing a beautiful Eldar Biel-Tan army
  • Cover Feature showcasing Games Workshop’s board games to include the upcoming Gorechosen game.
  • Golden Demon
  • Illuminations – Deathwatch artwork
  • Battleground – gorgeous AoS gaming table
  • And more!

This was an awesome magazine and now has me seriously considering a subscription. I bought it out of curiosity but was blown away by all the content. I even pulled out some of my 40k stuff and flipped through some codex’s. I highly recommend this month’s issue to any gamer!

You can purchase your copy direct here:


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