Black Library Age Of Sigmar Fiction Overview

As of this writing the Black Library has published 16 Novels or Novellas and 2 audiobook dramas for Age of Sigmar. It has been a pretty insane pace as that equals a little about one and a half titles a month since the Age of Sigmar was released by Games Workshop.

These titles can essentially be categorized into two groups; The Realmgate Wars and Legends of the Age of Sigmar. The Realmgate Wars covers the current campaign setting within AoS that Games Workshop has been promoting with four campaign supplements(more on them later). The Legends of the Age of Sigmar cover a faction or race and have coincided with GW’s release or promotion or that model range.

So far I personally have read The Gates of Azyr, War Storm, Call of Archaeon, and Bladestorm. I have also listened to the first audio drama Hunt for Nagash. As far as the books go they are collections of short stories or novellas. The first book, Gates of Azyr, was a novella itself introducing Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound to the Warhammer universe. My favorite book so far has been Call of Archaon. It was a series of short stories following three champions of chaos on their ascendancy to Archaon’s famed Varanguard.

The audio drama Hunt for Nagash was amazing. Great voice acting and sound effects. Moreover I now like chanting “only the faithful” when playing my Stromcasts on the table.

Finally, GW released four Realmgate Wars harback supplements over the last year. They contain a condensed story from their novel counterparts along with Warscrolls and Battleplans to recreate the major battles within the Realmgate Wars series. These battles have been my favorite to play. It has gotten even better with the Generals Handbook as forces can now be more precisely created.

That sums up what has been going on in the fiction world of Black Library and Games Workshop. I look forward to writing reviews on the individual material in the future!

Black Library reading order:

Games Workshop Realmgate Wars collection:

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